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Insurance? Makeup? Who knew?

We caught Jemma Wei at a great time. She’s dolling-up for a date and tells us how she approaches insurance just like makeup!

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Insurance makeup!

Watch now : Insurance Made Easy
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Insurance is not complex, yes there are many types, but once you understand what which type covers, you can layer them just like how you layer makeup. Jemma breaks down proper insurance coverage in simple steps.


Jemma #sayingitasitis

"Just as there are steps in doing your makeup, it’s the same for insurance: You have to build it in a step-by-step way to give yourself the most well-rounded protection that you need."

"Start your make up routine with the right sunscreen and foundation, they’re not too expensive and they help set the stage for the basic protection your skin needs. in the same way, think about Personal Accident insurance and Hospitalisation Insurance as the affordable foundation for your protection needs, providing you with the most basic coverage so you don’t have to worry about your finances in case something unfortunate happens."

"Other essentials like bronzer and eye make-up are super-important for your look, turning you into the beauty queen that you know you are inside …that’s Life Insurance for you, it’s the a critical component of your insurance plan… so don’t discount the importance of Whole Life and Term Insurance plans."

"A touch of highlighter of that extra boost of confidence, just like how and endowment plan complements your basic protection products."

What's next?

Get your own insurance

Visit the insurance page here to see what's available, get familiar with the products before meeting up with an insurance advisor. Always be well-informed before making a purchase, and don't be pressured into a sale. Insurance is all about coverage. Make sure you're properly covered.