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A tinkerer at heart, see how Pranav Seth used his never ending fascination with technology to push through disappointment in his early 20s, and through sheer grit, get to where he is today, using technology to touch the lives of thousands of people everywhere.

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The interview

Where did it all begin? The Tinkerer
3 mins

Facing rejection
1 min

You don't need "perfect" to make an impact
1 min

Say no to the status quo
1 min

What do you take away at the end of the day?
1 min

Months of planning for 10 seconds of success
1 min

How would you redo your 20s?
1 min

Making word personal
3 mins


Pranav #sayingitasitis

“You need to punch, then you know if your punch is making an impact. Then you know if you need to punch this way or that way. Not punching at all is the problem.”

“Try things out, by really doing  it. Not just talk about it, not just have conferences.”

“You owe it to yourself. Life’s too short to NOT be happy.”

“If you can’t get yourself out of the bed in the morning, I think it’s time to move on.”

“You don’t need things to be perfect to make an impact.”

“Life it too short to climb up the wrong wall. The money will never be enough, you should never make a decision based on money, you’ll never make the right decision.”