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Not your average internship


A 4-month bank-wide summer internship programme for brave individuals who dare to be game changers in the banking world. Kindle your entrepreneurship spirit, pitch your ideas and push innovation boundaries in a challenging programme that provides:

  • Cross-collaboration opportunities
  • Mentorship by industry leaders
  • Entrepreneurship tools for agile development
  • Career advancement

A sneak peek into a FRANKpreneur's journey

Entrepreneur starter kit

Learn what it takes to build your own startup

The FRANKpreneurship toolkit comes packed with lean startup principles and frameworks taught by industry leaders, greatly shortening your learning curve and putting you ahead of the pack. You’ll discover what it means to have a startup mentality and pitch your business ideas.



Pick the brains of subject matter experts and understand the ins and outs of the banking world — gain an insider viewpoint to technological trends and in-demand skillsets to succeed in the new world economy.



FRANKpreneurship keeps you connected and enables you to collaborate with people in creative ways. You will be working with people across different departments to ideate and create solutions that will impact the youths of the future.



Get fast-tracked into the OCBC Graduate Talent Programme, which will help you build a strong foundation in banking to achieve your career goals in the finance industry.

FRANKpreneurship 2019

Internship Positions

FRANKpreneurship 2020

Global Consumer Financial Services (GCFS)

Global Consumer Financial Services serves almost 3 million customers across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China. In Singapore, our customer proposition caters to different life-stages and needs ranging from Mighty Savers for children and young families, FRANK by OCBC for the youths and young working adults to OCBC Premier Banking for affluent individuals. Besides being the pioneer in various banking products and services which includes FRANK by OCBC, full-service Sunday Banking and award-wining Online Banking, we are also the market leader for Bancassurance sales.
FRANKpreneurship 2020

Global Corporate Bank (GCB)

Global Corporate Bank manages corporate relationships for companies ranging from small and medium enterprises to large corporations and institutional clients across diverse industries.
As a FRANKpreneur in Global Corporate Bank, you will be given the opportunity to learn about Corporate Banking products ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to large conglomerates. You may also be exposed to product specialists in our transaction banking unit, focusing on providing products and services to make banking simpler and more convenient for corporate customers, especially SMEs.
FRANKpreneurship 2020

Group Human Resources (GHR)

Group Human Resources is the organisational function that provides thought leadership and advice for all people issues in the organisation. We focus on the recruitment, development and engagement of, people to enable them to contribute effectively and productively to the accomplishment of the organisation's goals and objectives.
At Group Human Resources, we manage compensation, hiring, performance management, organisation development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, talent management and training. Additional programmes include employee and community outreach, employee engagement activities, which may extend to involve employee families.
FRANKpreneurship 2020

Group Legal & Regulatory Compliance (GLRC)

Group Legal and Regulatory Compliance Division supports OCBC Group in all legal and regulatory compliance matters. The division helps ensure that the various businesses adopt a comprehensive framework, policies and procedures to comply with relevant laws, rules and regulations issued by Monetary Authority of Singapore and other local regulators.
The Group Anti Money Laundering FRANKpreneur will be part of the team that has responsibilities of managing and maintaining the organisation’s obligations as it relates to the supervision and reporting of money laundering and terrorist financing activities. In addition to the development of appropriate AML/CFT & Sanctions policies, procedures, the team is instrumental in designing and ensuring the AML/CFT & Sanctions framework remains robust to manage the risk associated to money laundering, terrorist financing and sanctions:
- Develop risk assessment methodologies and AML/CFT & Sanctions Compliance Programs that form core pillars of the AML/CFT Framework;
- Analyze multiple sources of data to draw insights and intelligence in order monitor, detect and combat money laundering and financial crime activities.
- Work on new technology, including artificial intelligence and machine learning to better support the surveillance processes.
- Provide advice and oversight support relating to anti money laundering notices and regulatory developments.
- Undertake investigation of potential money laundering activities and file Suspicious Transactions Report.
- Prepare reports and analysis to update the Board, senior management and regulators
FRANKpreneurship 2020

Fintech and Innovation Group (The Open Vault)

To develop breakthrough solutions that are out-of-the-box, we need to look out-of-the-bank. That’s why here at The Open Vault, we actively collaborate with external fintech firms to rapidly test and validate new ideas and solutions – before bringing winning prototypes quickly to the market. Our goal is to make banking simpler: more transparent, more instant and more rewarding for customers. In becoming digital leaders and heroes, we are also creating and supporting a mindset shift among the people who work with us day to day.
FRANKpreneurship 2020

OCBC Securities Private Limited (OSPL)

OCBC Securities Private Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OCBC Bank. Established in 1986, we are one of the leading securities and futures broking firms in Singapore providing full brokerage services for securities, derivatives and leveraged foreign exchange trading. We provide the best electronic platform for our retail and institutional customers to execute trades in listed products, futures and foreign exchange contracts in the most efficient way using technology. Customers can trade both locally and globally with our extensive network of connectivity
What to expect

Programme timetable

May 2020 (3 full days)

3-day Bootcamp

Get your notebooks ready as you dive head-first into this intense 3-day bootcamp.

Learn how the bank operates and how the different business units come together to ideate and execute new solutions. You’ll be assigned your project teams, your mentors and internship objectives.
May 2020 (10 weeks)

Full-time work attachment

Gain a strong foundation that sets you up for future success.

During your 10-week business attachment, you will get an insider viewpoint to how various bank departments work together to achieve common goals.
July 2020

Experience day!

Pitch your project ideas to senior management and industry leaders, gain invaluable feedback, business acumen and insights to refine your startup ideas.

Learn what works and what doesn’t from these mentors as they guide you toward refining your ideas.
July 2020 (6 weeks)

FRANKpreneurship Projects

The full-time attachment has ended. Get ready to come together as a team once a week to prepare for the Grand Showcase: the final stage to pitch to the judges!

These 6 weeks will challenge you to create financial solutions that will help build the bank of the future. It’s all about generating innovative ideas to engage the community and create something meaningful.
August 2020

Grand Showcase!

D-Day is here: the finale of all FRANKpreneurship Projects. You will pitch your project to an audience of OCBC Bank’s senior management team, participating universities, and other leading industry partners.

Put your best foot forward and stand a chance of being selected for the OCBC Graduate Talent Programme.
Weekly Schedule

How will my 5-day week look like?

Mon to Thurs:
Home department

During the first 10 weeks, for 4 days a week you’ll be attached to a ‘Home’ department in the bank. This is where you’ll gain an in-depth and hands-on experience of real-world work challenges, and apply your knowledge to real projects.


Every Friday:
FRANKpreneurship Projects

Fridays are when your ideas are born. Learn to sprint and innovate like a startup to come up with future banking solutions. Engage with leading industry partners and higher institutions partnering FRANKpreneurship.