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Saving Goals

Saving goals are mini-accounts that you can create within internet banking to stash away your money. Money in these mini-accounts can’t be used until you release them. 

Perfect for creating disciplined saving habits till your saving target is reached.

Why set saving goals?

Studies show people who write their goals down are 42% more likely to achieve them.

You are more likely to overspend if you don’t develop a habit of setting aside a specific amount of money as savings. 

Here’s a list of useful features available in all FRANK/OCBC Accounts to help achievers like yourself hit your targets.

Set budgets

Set budgets and get alerts through SMS or email. Budgets are easy to stick to with SMS and email reminders. Every dollar counts when it comes to achieving your dreams.

Saving goals

Set Savings Goals to stash away savings monthly, and track your progress towards each goal.

Saving goals

Customise your Savings Goals online with your own pictures! Cash placed in your Savings Goals are locked in. You can release that cash anytime via Online Banking.


To access Saving Goals, you must first have a FRANK Account or OCBC 360 Account.