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Unit Trusts

Invest in unit trusts, where your money is pooled with that of other investors' to form a fund, and invested into various assets to meet the unit trust's objectives by a fund manager. 

  • Start investing from 21 years old
  • Monthly investments from S$100 a month or lump sum investments from S$1,000
  • Get clear and concise insights into markets from our OCBC Wealth Panel and Wealth Advisory teams
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Am I eligible?

Dip into diversified and foreign markets with unit trusts– it lets you pool money with like-minded investors to invest in a professionally-managed fund.

  • Access fund ideas, curated by investment experts
  • Compare, invest and monitor all on one platform
  • Get SMS updates on when to make the best decisions

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charge capped at 0.88%*

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Let the professionals handle it

Professional fund managers with vast experience and skills will manage your portfolio for you.

Enjoy the wins of diversification

Diversify your portfolio at a fraction of the capital outlay, without having to invest heavily in other asset classes.

Gain exposure to foreign markets

Get access to foreign markets that may otherwise be too expensive to invest in directly.

How it works

2 ways to start investing with Unit Trust

  • Lump sum investments

    Starting from S$1,000 (minimum amount varies with funds), you can immediately start taking advantage of current market conditions.

  • Monthly investments

    Investing small amounts regularly helps reduce the overall volatility of your portfolio, with dollar-cost averaging. Start from as low as S$100/month or apply for our OCBC Momentum programme (available at OCBC Bank branches only) to spread your investment over a period of 6 or 12 months.

Top funds

Recommended funds for this quarter

AB Low Volatility Equity Portfolio

Seeks to deliver high quality and stability at an attractive price

Allianz Income and Growth

Position for income and potential growth

Amundi Funds Asia Income ESG Bond

Reinforce your income sustainably for the future

FSSA Dividend Advantage Fund

Capturing the Asian growth story

LionGlobal Japan Growth Fund SGD-H

The Japanese Comeback

PIMCO GIS Income Fund

Seeking high current income

Before you apply
  • Eligibility

    Min. age

    21 years old


    Non-U.S. citizens
    Non-EU residents or persons not residing within the EEA
    Non-U.K. resident

  • Ways to pay

    OCBC account


    CPF investment account

    Central Provident Fund Investment Scheme (CPFIS)*

    OCBC SRS account

    Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS)*

    *Selected funds only


or visit us to open an account.
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  • How to manage the investments

    Our team of specialists constantly monitor your unit trust investments. We will send you alerts in case of important events via online banking, email or SMS.

  • When to buy and sell my investments

    You can set instant alerts on your investments. Monitor your unit trust fund by setting price alerts through your dashboard. Choose to receive these alerts through your dashboard, email or phone.