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FRANK Debit Card

Your passport to the world of FRANK. Save when you spend on the things you already love. 

  • Earn a 1% rebate when you shop, eat and ride. 
  • Choose from 120 stylish card designs. 
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All you need is one simple, stylish card.

You just need a simple card that offers you great rebates.

How it works

Save as you spend

An all-in-one card

FRANK is your debit card, transport card and ATM card. You can also withdraw cash, top up NETS FlashPay and EZ-link card from over 1,200 ATMs islandwide*.

Earn rebates as you spend

Now, you can get 1% rebate with your FRANK Debit Card when you shop, eat and ride. So as you spend, you can also save.

More ways to pay

With options like Visa / MasterCard, NETS, Visa payWave and NETS FlashPay at your fingertips, online and worldwide merchant transactions will be a breeze.


*Includes UOB ATMs under the Shared ATM network. Service charges are currently waived.

Track your money

Spending & savings at a glance

We think saving and spending are not two separate things. Set saving goals and budgets with an optional FRANK Account.


Contactless Payments

Stay ahead of the curve

Just tap and go on public transport, movies, purchases, meals and much more! 


120 designs, 120 personalities

Not just a card face. It's how it makes you feel.



“I am very inspired by cinematic movies - colours and the environment and atmosphere play a huge part in that. This photo was taken in Poland on a cold wintry day. I want to convey the message that we need to look deeper, be more patient – a virtue essential in photography.”
– Yik Keat, Photographer

Available for a limited time only, so get yours here!

Artisan collection


“This design serves as a reminder to us that everything starts from zero. Cotton becomes thread, thread becomes yarn, and yarn becomes fabric. With each stitch, pieces are formed as bonds between them are strengthened. The result is a large piece of patchwork that takes on a new life on its own – a representation of life and unity in another form.” — Linda Hao

Available for a limited time only, so get yours here now!

Artisan collection


"In a fast-paced world, where everything changes quickly, it takes time for us to put our trust in something new. This illustration conveys a sense of peace as we go about our lives, navigating the new among our own familiar surroundings. There is a sense of calm and relatability. " -- Barbarian

Available for a limited time only, so get yours here now!

Artisan collection


"FRANK offers the ideal platform for financial freedom. This is represented through the journey of a space explorer leveraging on various islands typifying the opportunities offered by FRANK from which to launch his passion to reach for the stars. " -- Wanton Doodle

Available for a limited time only, so get yours here now!

Artisan collection

Blueprint by Meyyen

"When embarking on a journey to chase your dreams, it's always a good idea to go prepared. The concept behind the artwork depicts an elaborate map to help navigate the course." -- Meyyen

Available for a limited time only, so get yours here now!

Artisan collection


"The words and graphics speak for the spirit of the youth, being bold, quick and having the grit to reach their goals." -- Freed

Available for a limited time only, so get yours here now!

Artisan collection

FRANK & SPARKLY by puffingmuffin

"This piece is a whimsical representation of a sparkling journey with FRANK. FRANK will be there to share your joy, adventures, and perks of life." -- Puffingmuffin

Available for a limited time only, so get yours here now!

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1 of 7
Before you apply

Am I Eligible?

You must be aged 16 and above.
Singaporeans & Singapore PRs:
No minimum annual income
No minimum annual income
Application period is set by university

Fees & Charges

Annual fees:
There are no annual fees for the FRANK Debit Card.
Card design fees:

From S$0 - S$30, depending on card design. To see how much your favourite card design costs, simply browse through our card gallery.

Replacement fees:
Lost card or change of card design:
  • Card replacement fee is waived*

  • Card design fee from S$10 - S$30 applies

*Up to 2 free card replacements in a 12-month period. 3rd replacement onwards will be charged a S$20 card replacement fee (exclusive of card design fee).

Damaged or faulty card
  • Card replacement fee is waived

  • Card design fee is waived if there is no change to the card design. If you wish to change your card design, a card design fee of S$10 - S$30 applies.

Get the card that shows who you are

How to get your FRANK Debit Card

Apply Online

Online applicants get to choose from an additional 5 exclusive card designs.

Find a Store

Visit any FRANK Store or OCBC Branch to apply.

What do I need to prepare

For Singaporean/Singapore PR:


  1. Your NRIC


For foreigners:
  1. Your Passport

  2. Employment Pass (at least 6 months validity)

  3. Original Singapore phone bill/bank statement/utilities bill within the last 3 months showing residential address OR income tax notice of assessment.

Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions Governing FRANK Debit Card

Terms and Conditions for NETS FlashPay (applicable to FRANK Debit Card only)

Terms and Conditions Governing Card Replacement

Terms and Conditions Governing FRANK Debit Card 1% Rebate

With effect from 18 June 2016, the Debit Cardmembers' Agreement will be revised to address, among other matters, amendments and provisions relating to the introduction of digital payment services and malware risks. Please click here for the revised Debit Cardmembers' Agreement