OCBC 360 Account

Deposit Account

OCBC 360 Account

Fast tracking your career? Don't forget your savings! Get an account that earns a higher interest when you credit your salary, pay bills, insure or invest and more. 

  • 18 years old and above
  • Singaporeans, Permanent Residents,
    E-Pass and S-Pass Holders only

  • S$1,000 initial deposit 


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How it works


Whether you are just starting a new job or advancing in your career, get an account that pays you bonus interest. Your bank balances will thank you for it.



Get up to S$100 cash reward when you open your account online and credit your salary from 3 September till 25 September 2018.

Terms and Conditions apply


1.0% per year

From now till 30 September 2018, earn an additional Save Promotion bonus interest of 1% per year on your monthly incremental balances, up to S$1,000,000 with your OCBC 360 Account. 

This is in addition to the bonus interest rates of up to 3.05% per year on the first S$70,000 of your account balance when you credit your salary, transact, insure and invest. 

How to earn bonus interest on the first $70,000 of your account balance

Simply credit your salary, transact, insure and invest.  You will earn a base interest of 0.05% per year on your entire account balance.

If your account's average daily balance for the month is S$200,000 and above, you will earn an extra bonus interest of 1% per year.

Salary credit

Higher interest for young professionals

Grow your savings by crediting your salary to an account that gives you higher interest rates.

To set up your OCBC 360 Account as your salary crediting account, simply inform your HR department of your account number. You will only need to do it once (and your bank account will thank you every month)!

Earn as you pay


By now you are probably paying for bills and making purchases with different credit cards. Earn 0.3% per year when you when you pay 3 bills online or through GIRO with a total payment amount of at least S$150.

You will also get an additional 0.3% per year when you spend S$500 on your OCBC Credit Card(s) every month. 

Insure & Invest

Earn more interest when you insure or invest with OCBC

It's never too early to stay protected or start investing.

Earn 0.6% or 1.2% per year for 12 months, when you insure or invest in eligible financial products, depending on the qualifying amount.

Track & save every dollar

The simplest online and mobile banking experience

Set up sub-accounts for your saving goals. Keep track of your spending by categories, as well as set budgets and alerts via SMS or email. You can also see how peers manage their money so you know where you stand.

120 card designs to choose from

Get a gorgeous FRANK Debit Card with your OCBC 360 Account.


Pair your OCBC 360 Account with a FRANK Debit Card. Choose from new limited edition card designs created by Band of Doodlers, the Letter J Supply and Pencilled.

They are available for a limited time only, so choose yours here now!

Before you apply

Am I Eligible?

What You Need To Know

Minimum Age: 18 years old

Nationality: Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, E-Pass and S-Pass Holders

Initial Deposit: S$1,000

Minimum average daily balance for the month: S$3,000

Fall below fee: S$2 (waived for the first year)

Monthly statements: e-Statement

How to get your OCBC 360 Account

Apply online

Sign up for your account online. You will need your NRIC, signature, and supporting documents.


Use your MyInfo profile to save time and effort by having your application form pre-filled. No submission of supporting documents required.

Online Banking

For existing OCBC Savings or Current Account customers, your account will be opened within 1 working day. Otherwise, you will receive your account number and Online Banking access within 5 working days. Please make a deposit when you receive your account number. Transfers funds almost instantly to your OCBC 360 Account from any other participating bank with Fast and Secure Transfers (FAST).

Visit a FRANK Store

Visit any FRANK Store and let our FRANK Ambassadors guide you through the sign up process.

What do I need to prepare

For Singaporean/Singapore PR:
  1. NRIC
  2. S$1,000 for initial deposit
  3. One of the following:
  • Local phone bill
  • Half-yearly CPF statement
  • Any bank statement
For foreigners residing in Singapore:
  1. Passport
  2. Employment Pass or S-Pass
  3. S$1,000 for initial deposit
  4. One of the following:
    • Local phone bill
    • Half-yearly CPF statement
    • Any bank statement