Zooming In On Money

Zooming In On Money

Going pro as a photographer is equal parts creating art and running a business. Juggling both roles successfully requires utmost patience and prudence. Hear it from someone who may know a thing or two about that.


Patience, Prudence and Photography

It’s easy to paint all influencers with the same brush, dismissing them as mere fame-chasers. But listening to
Yik Keat (@yk on Instagram) speak about his journey thus far and his plans for the future, it’s plain to see how wrong that would be.

Discover his story of perseverance, and how he moved from collecting Instagram likes to bringing in the bucks here.


Yik Keat

To most of us, Instagram’s all about the likes, sharing and keeping in touch. To Yik Keat, it’s literally changed his life. The 23-year-old self-taught photographer has launched his photography career on the platform, amassing over 241,000 followers over 6 years with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Take a peek through his lens via his interview here.

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The Art of Juggling Craft and Business

“People think that photography is all about clicking a button, but there’s a lot that goes on behind it. A shoot for a client isn’t as easy as just shooting the images. It’s a mixture of professional and personal relations.”

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Painting a Thousand Words With a Click

“My style and process have definitely changed a lot, but the drive to create a story for the audience is the same. Now that Instagram is more popular, users tend to be saturated with content, so I felt that my images had to tell a story and be more relatable in order to be impactful and stand out.”

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Walk the Walk, Step by Step

“Investing is really a process of snowballing your income, saving money whenever you can, and getting paid jobs so you get your investment back, and buying new gear to get even bigger jobs.”

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The Small Pieces Make the Big Picture

“The main thing that locks you in is a black and white contract, so whenever there’s a contract, make sure you proofread it and have someone who is experienced help you out with the small print, because it’s often those details that young photographers with little experience are unaware of.”

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Nothing Beats Family

“Family is very, very important. They keep me rooted and support me no matter what — they’re the first people I share everything with, and they’re the backbone of my whole life. Now, my income has only a very small impact on the family’s expenses, but I’m also glad to be able to contribute to my family, even if it’s just a little bit.”

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Card Design


“I waited about 10 minutes in the cold to get that shot. That, to me, is what photography is about — patience. I wanted to convey the message that we need to look deeper, be more patient, and let the work you have done speak for itself. I called the design Resurgence because the process reminded me of life: it’s messy, it’s chaotic, it’s unexpected.”
— Yik Keat, Photographer

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Social Contest

FRANK BY OCBC X National Museum of Singapore Photography Workshop: Capturing Light - Mastering the Art of Urban Photography and Lightroom Effects

What's better than meeting your photography idol in the flesh? Having him teach you personally. That's what our 15 lucky social contest winners experienced during their oh-so-sweet workshop with Yik Keat on 19 Jan 2019. Recapture the moments here.

Social Contest

Class is in session

Yik Keat takes the stage to share his nifty tips and tricks, and helpful advice.

Social Contest

Steely-eyed focus on display

Students paying full attention to the masters at work.

Social Contest

Putting their new skills to the test

Putting their newly acquired skills to the test, with guidance from Yik Keat.

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