Education Loan

Unlock endless study opportunities

With Education Loan, you have options to pursue your education for your future, whether you study at private or overseas institutions.

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Why FRANK Education Loan?

Further your education and enjoy a low interest rate of 4.5% per year (EIR is 5.17% per year*)

Focus on learning and forget the guilt with this great promotional rate. Now all you have to worry about is what course to take.

Loan up to 10x your monthly income or S$150,000 (whichever is lower)

Have the freedom to studying in private schools in Singapore as well as institutions in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.


List of Overseas Institutions for FRANK Education Loan

List of Local Private Institutions for FRANK Education Loan

Choose from three flexible repayment options

Settle the loan at your own convenience. You can opt to pay right away or wait until you graduate. You’ll have a maximum of 8 years to pay back the loan.

3 repayment options to suit your needs

Student Loan Repayment

Pay your monthly instalments (principal and interest) once your loan is disbursed.

Loan Payment Options

Pay only interest for the loan disbursed till the end of your course. Monthly instalments will commence after graduation.

Graduated Plus
Study Loan Singapore

Pay only interest for the loan disbursed until 1 year after the end of your course. Monthly instalments will commence on the second year after your course ends.


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How it works

1. Apply:

Visit us, mail us or leave your details. How to apply.

2. Get approval:

Upon a successful application, in about 7 working days you will receive an approval letter from us. 

3. Disburse your loan:

Sign the disbursement form and send it to us before your school fee payment is due. This is to issue your loan disbursement per your payment schedule whether it is one time or every semester.

4. Pay your school fee:

You will receive a cashier’s order from us. Send it to your school to pay your school fee. 

5. Monitor your repayment:

Monitor how your loan is being repaid through your monthly statement or the internet banking. 

Am I eligible?

Age 17 and above
Annual income S$24,000 and above (individual or with joint applicant)
Joint Applicant can be any Singaporean / Singapore Permanent Resident
(mandatory for applicants below 21 years old and those who want to study overseas)
(Age 21 and above, maximum 65 years upon loan maturity)
Singaporeans and Singapore PRs

Education Loan + FRANK Visa Debit Card Benefits

A FRANK Visa Debit Card, tagged to your loan servicing account, allows you to enjoy perks while you push ahead in your studies.

Education Loan Servicing Account

Free FRANK Debit Card Design. Choose from over 120 designs.

Education Loan Debit Card

Annual FRANK Debit Card fee waiver for life

Education Loan Debit Card

Withdraw cash locally and overseas

Low Interest Education Loan

Over 2 million merchants accept VISA Debit Card

What documents do I need to open an account?


  • NRIC
  • Recent original telephone bill or original bank statement (if mailing address differs from NRIC)
  • Certified true copy of acceptance letter from institution stating type and course duration
  • Certified true copy of schedule of payment for course if not stated in acceptance letter

Income documents:

  • Salaried Employees
    1. Latest computerized/electronic pay slip and Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment OR Last 6 months’s CPF contribution history statement
      1. These documents may be retrieved at the branch with a valid SINGPASS
  • Self-Employed, commissioned or variable income earners customer
    1. Last 12 month’s CPF contribution history statement ORLatest Income Tax Notice of Assessment
      1. These documents may be retrieved at the branch with a valid SINGPASS

How to apply

You can mail us, visit our stores or leave your details and we will call you back.

Application forms

Complete the form and mail it to us with copies of your NRIC, Income documents, and offer letter.

Apply at our branches

Head down to our FRANK or OCBC Branches with your joint application to submit your application form.
Frank store locations

I need more details

Interested but need to find out more? Submit your interest and our staff will contact you shortly.
Submit interest now


SMS STUDY <space> EDL <space> Name to 76062 and we’ll contact you within 3 business days.


*Effective Interest Rate (EIR) is assumed on a 2-year course with repayment period of 8 years and Standard Repayment Method. The EIR comprises of 4.5% per year interest rate which is calculated on a monthly rest basis and 2.5% of processing fee of the approved loan amount that is applicable upon disbursement of loan.