Young Investor Programme

The first step to invest for your future is knowledge

Equip yourself with investment knowledge through our series of workshops, and a trading account for you to start investing shares with confidence and insight.

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Why Young Investor Programme?

Specially designed to guide first time investors

Build investment confidence as you attend exclusive educational workshops co-organised with SGX Academy and OCBC Securities. This is your opportunity to listen and interact with industry experts.

Trade real-live stocks across 14 global markets

The world is your playground with your own OCBC Securities Online Trading Account. Invest in stocks in Singapore, US, UK, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan and more!

Trade on-the-go with iOCBC TradeMobile App

Access your trading platform across mobile and tablet devices. It works on iPhone and Android.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

These workshops are designed and jointly organised by OCBC Securities and FRANK by OCBC to get you started in the fundamentals so you can start building your future.

Learn investment strategies, network with the best and stay in touch with fellow young investors.

Money In$ights automatically shows exactly where your money is going.

It does all the hard work of organising and categorising your spending, leaving you free to do the things you really want to do.

It gives you a big picture of all your assets and liabilities on one page.


Monitor, buy and sell anywhere

iOCBC Online Trading Platform allows you to manage your investments on all your devices. Create watchlists, track market movements and receive articles and reports from OCBC Investment Research.

How it works

1. Set up your trading account

Open your own trading account during the workshop. You can fund your trading account through GIRO with your FRANK account.

2. Start learning at our workshops

Listen, learn and network with seasoned industry experts as they guide you along your journey into the world of investments.

3. Start investing!

Once you get your account, access the iOCBC trading platform from your mobile or desktop to start trading with your new found investment knowledge!

Fees and charges


S$ 15

minimum commission* per trade

Regular online trades

S$ 25

minimum commission per trade

Broker-assisted trades

S$ 40

Per Trade

S$15 trade fee is available only if you GIRO-link your
OCBC Securities Online Trading Account and FRANK Account.
*Terms and conditions apply

Can I sign up?

You must be between 18 – 29 years old.

How to apply

Apply at our workshop

Dive right in! Book your slot for your first workshop and open your trading account there.
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Apply at a FRANK Store

Visit any FRANK store and let our ambassadors guide you through the sign up process.
Frank store locations

Apply at OCBC Securities

Visit OCBC Securities Investors Hub and let our staff guide you through the sign up process.
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