Tuition Fee Loan

Focus on what’s important – Study

FRANK’s Tuition Fee Loan offers you a 0% interest loan while you are studying, and you can start paying back up to 2 years after graduation.

Show me how to apply

Why FRANK Tuition Fee Loan?

Make the most of your education by studying worry-free

The Tuition Fee Loan covers up to 90% of your tuition fee1, at 0% interest while you are at school, so you can focus on what’s important.

Pay us back when you are ready

You can start repayment instalments2 immediately after graduation, or once you find a job within 2 years3 after graduation. You also have the choice to pay back in full or partially over 20 years4, with monthly instalments as low as $100.

Free up your cash for investments

Invest with our Blue Chip Investment Plan or enrol in our Young Investor Programme while you study to get a head start towards financial independence.

How it works

1. Find a guarantor

Visit any OCBC branch or FRANK store with your guarantor to apply.
A guarantor is someone who can be responsible for your loan in case you are not able to pay.

2. Loan up to 90% of your tuition fees1

Loan payout will be on the first day of every semester. During the course of your study, no interest will be charged and no payment is needed.

3. Start repaying2

once you graduate or up to as late as 2 years 3

4. Repay loan within 20 years4

Final repayment must be completed within 20 years from graduation.

Tuition Fee Loan (TFL) is provided by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and administered by OCBC Bank.

Am I eligible?

You must have a guarantor with you to apply for the Tuition Fee Loan. Application period is set by university.

NUS / NTU Students 5:

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Full-time undergraduate and postgraduates

You must be enrolled full-time in either:

  • Full-time undergraduate and postgraduate degree programme or
  • Graduate research programme or
  • Full-time MSE MOE subsidised programme

Postgraduates are to check their respective institution’s website to ensure their programme is eligible.

Part-time undergraduates

You must be:

  • Singapore citizen and;
  • Pursuing your 1st undergraduate degree part-time and;
  • Pursuing part-time course due to financial reasons

Part-time undergraduates are to check with their respective institutions or eligibility.

NIE Students:

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Eligible for Tuition Fee Loan:

  • BA/BSc (Education) student teachers who do not receive salary, stipend and whose fees are not paid by MOE
  • Candidates enrolled in the following full-time research programmes:
    • Doctor of Philosophy
    • Master of Arts (by research)
    • Master of Science (by research)
  • Candidates enrolled in the following full-time subsidized coursework programmes:
    • Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics)
    • Master of Arts (all specialisations)
    • Master of Science (Exercise & Sports Studies)
    • Master of Science (Life Sciences)
Not Eligible for Tuition Fee Loan:

  • Students receiving Government /Statutory Board /NIE scholarships which cover tuition fees
  • International students paying non-subsidised tuition fees
  • Students receiving full Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy from Mendaki
  • Students using CPF savings for the full payment of the subsidized tuition fee
  • Students in self-funded programmes
  • Part-time graduate students (coursework)
  • BA/BSc (Education) student teachers who receive salary, stipend and whose fees are not paid by MOE
  • Full-fee paying students
  • Part-time student teachers

Not eligible if:

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Not Eligible for Tuition Fee Loan:

  • Students receiving any Government / Statutory Board / NUS Scholarships which cover tuition fees
  • Students receiving full tuition fee subsidy by MENDAKI
  • Students using Central Provident Fund (CPF) savings for the full 100% payment of the subsidised tuition fees
  • Students on self-funded graduate programmes
  • International students paying full fees; not taking tuition grant

Guarantor requirements6:

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Guarantor requirements:

  • 21 – 60 years old
  • Must not be bankrupt
Nationality requirements:

  • If student is Singaporean, guarantor must be Singaporean.
  • If student is Singapore PR, guarantor must be Singaporean / Singapore PR.
  • If student is Foreigner, guarantor can be Any Nationality.

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What documents do I need to open an account?


  • Singaporean / Singapore PR
    1. NRIC
    2. School’s letter of admission/ Student Matriculation card
  • Foreigner
    1. Passport – identity card can be used for Malaysians
    2. Letter of Admission
    3. IPA print out or ICA pass (for sanctioned countries)

Guarantor :

  • Singaporean / Singapore PR
    1. NRIC
  • Foreigner
    1. Passport or Identity Card
    2. For sanctioned countries
      1. Letter of admission / Work Permit
      2. IPA Print out or ICA pass

How to apply

Fill out the right application form for your university and bring it to any FRANK Store or OCBC Branch with your guarantor.

Application forms

Fill out the right form for your university below.
For NTU (Part Time)

Apply at our branches

Head down to our FRANK or OCBC Branches with your guarantor to submit your application form.
Frank store locations
OCBC Branch Locations

I need more details

Interested but need to find out more? Submit your interest and our FRANK Ambassador will give you a call.


SMS STUDY <space> TFL <space> Name to 76062 and we’ll contact you within 3 business days.

Important notes

  1. Based on a Singapore citizen university student's tuition fee.
Interest commencement date is set by university. Loan interest is based on the average Prime Lending Rate of Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC), Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) and United Overseas Bank (UOB). Late interest of 1% per month on the outstanding amount will be charged if repayment is late.

  3. Additional loan interest of 1% per month on the outstanding loan will be charged if you do not start repaying a minimum of S$100 monthly within 2 years from graduation.

  4. This is the maximum period of making monthly repayment instalments from graduation day.

  5. For selected NTU part-time and postgraduate courses.
  6. Guarantor must not be an undischarged bankrupt.