Blue Chip Investment Plan

You’re never too young to start building your wealth

Blue Chip Investment Plan is a hassle-free monthly plan that allows you to buy blue chip shares from as low as S$100 a month. Invest on the go via OCBC OneWealthTM or Online Banking.

Exclusively for new OCBC/FRANK BCIP customers

Enjoy a one-time S$15 cash back when you subscribe to three or more blue chip share counters under the Blue Chip Investment Plan. Offer is valid till 29 September 2017, 12pm.

Terms and Conditions Governing the OCBC Blue Chip Investment Plan Customer Campaign (September 2017)

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Why invest through FRANK Blue Chip Investment Plan?

It’s better than a regular savings account

A blue chip stock of a nationally known company has a long track record of profit growth and dividend payment.

No need to open multiple accounts

There is no need to open a specific Trading or CDP Securities Account to start BCIP. You can use your FRANK Account to fund your investments in BCIP.

There is no lock-in period, make changes anytime

You can give instructions to amend share counters or the investment amount, and sell your shares through OCBC Online Banking.

You can start from as low as S$100 per month

You don't need to have thousands of dollars to start investing in blue chip shares. This investment plan is a sustainable and affordable way for individuals to start accumulating shares and gain exposure in the stock market. This will potentially lower your average price per share as you accumulate more shares when prices are cheaper.

Invest regularly using Dollar Cost Averaging

BCIP makes use of an investment concept known as “Dollar Cost Averaging”.
By investing an equal amount of money on a regular basis regardless of the share price over a specific period of time, you will purchase more shares when prices are lower and fewer shares when prices are higher. This will potentially lower your average price per share.

Click here to view Dollar Cost Averaging in motion

How it works

1. Set aside a portion of your income for investment

When you receive your monthly salary, immediately set aside a portion for savings. Wealth management experts advise young people to invest 10-30% of their savings each month to building future wealth.

2. Pick your blue chip counter

Select from the Top 5 blue chip counters we offer or make your own picks. BCIP automatically invests into your selected counters each month.

3. Monitor, change and sell

There is no lock-in period. You’re free to amend, sell, stop or add new share counters online whenever you want.

Top 5 Blue Chip Counters

The counters below are top 5 most bought by our customers aged 23-29. 1 year return data is taken from Bloomberg and Nikko AM as of July 22nd 2015

Click here to find out more about the 19 share counters available

Telecommunications Ltd Top performer

+ 15.01%

1 year returns
Sector : Transport, Storage & Communications
SGX Code : Z74

Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd

+ 15.01%

1 year returns
Sector: Finance
SGX code: O39

Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF

+ 5.68%

1 year returns
(Nikko AM)
Sector : Transport, Storage & Communications
SGX Code : G3B

Starhub Ltd


1 year returns
Sector : Multi-Industry
SGX Code : CC3

Corporation Limited

- 21.30%

1 year return
Sector : Oil and Gas
SGX Code : BN4

Fees and charges

For each blue chip counter, you only need to pay 0.3% of your total transaction amount when investing or selling, subject to a minimum of S$5 per counter per transaction

Am I eligible to apply?

You need to be 18 years old and above to apply for the Blue Chip Investment Plan.

What documents do I need to open an account?

For Singaporean/ Singapore PR:

  • Existing OCBC/FRANK customer
    1. NRIC
  • Not an existing OCBC customer
    1. NRIC
    2. One of the following (only if submission via mail)
      1. Original Singapore Phone bill showing residential address
      2. Original Bank Statement showing residential address
      3. Original utilities bill showing residential address


  • If you are an existing OCBC or FRANK account customer
    1. Passport with 6 months’ validity
    2. Valid student / long term / employment pass
  • If you are NOT an existing OCBC or FRANK account customer
    1. Passport with 6 months’ validity
    2. Valid student / long term / employment pass
    3. Original Singapore Phone Bill / Bank Statement/ Utilities Bill showing residential address

How to apply

You need to be 18 years old and above to apply for the Blue Chip Investment Plan.

Apply Online

If you are an existing OCBC customer, log in to your Online Banking to apply for BCIP.
Log in to Online Banking

Apply by Mail

Download the PDF form. Print and mail in the completed form with the required documents.
Download Application Form

Apply at a FRANK Store

Visit any FRANK store and let our ambassadors guide you through the sign up process.
Frank store locations

More details about the Blue Chip Investment Plan

How to apply (BCIP)
Important information on BCIP
BCIP terms and conditions

How to apply for BCIP

How to apply
You need to be 18 years old and above to apply for the Blue Chip Investment Plan.

Via Mail

For new and existing FRANK Account customers.

Mail in the completed application form with copies of:

  1. NRIC
    For Singaporeans and Singapore PRs
    Employment pass/S-pass or student pass AND passport for foreigners
  2. Other supporting documents
    Original copies of Singapore Phone Bill / Bank Statement / Utilities Bill showing residential address if you are a new customer

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Applicable only for the first 300 FRANK customers who successfully apply for a new Blue Chip Investment Plan.The $35 cash reward will be credited into the account two months after the approval of the BCIP application. We reserve the right to claw back the cash reward if monthly investment ceases within 6 months from the first investment month.

Promotion ends 31 December 2015.

Important information on BCIP

The information contained herein is for general information only. It does not take into account the specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any particular person. Trading in securities can be very risky, and you may lose all or more than the principal amount invested or deposited. You should therefore consider carefully and exercise caution in making any trading decision and determine whether each trade is specifically suitable for you. Where necessary, you should speak to your own financial adviser who will assess whether the product is suitable to you based on your investment objectives, financial situation or needs. If you choose to act based on the information contained herein, it is entirely at your sole risk and responsibility, and is not to be construed as investment advice or recommendations by Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited or OCBC Securities Private Limited.

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If you are thinking of investing, please read the Terms and Conditions Governing The Blue Chip Investment Plan for details about the plan before deciding whether to enter into a transaction of the securities of any issuer. You can get a copy of the Terms and Conditions Governing The Blue Chip Investment Plan at

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