Take control of your financial independence with FRANK

You're about to take on many exciting challenges. Frankly, you don't need to worry because FRANK helps you take better control of your financial independence so that you are well prepared to hit the ground running. Get a head start by crediting your pay to your FRANK Account.


What you'll get from a FRANK Account

Easy access to cash with over 1,200 ATMs islandwide#


For the first time in Singapore, you can check you bank balances with just your fingerprint. No login required, check if your pay is in or if you can afford the extra indulgence – securely, with a single touch.

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Juggling all that newly earned money gets easy with
OCBC Money In$ights on OCBC Online and Mobile Banking:

  • Automatically tracks your spending by category (i.e. dining, shopping, etc)
  • Stop overspending by setting budgets
  • Create sub-accounts to save for different purposes
  • Sneak a peek at how others like you are managing their money
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