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Cash rebates all year round
  • Enjoy 6% rebates (maximum of S$60 per month) on online purchases and NETS FlashPay Auto Top-Ups when you spend at least S$500 a month. That adds up to S$720 a year!
  • 6% rebate is awarded for up to 2 NETS FlashPay Auto Top-Ups per month
  • Use the NETS FlashPay on the FRANK Credit Card for MRT and bus rides, or movie tickets, quick bites and more.
  • You can enjoy unlimited rebates of 0.5% on all other purchases.



Terms and conditions apply
How it works
Spend S$500 and more a month on your card Spend less than S$500 a month on your card
  • 6% rebates
  • When you've earned S$60 rebates a month, you are still entitled to get unlimited 0.5% rebates
  • Unlimited 0.5% rebates
  • Unlimited 0.5% rebates
  • Unlimited 0.5% rebates

Click here for the common websites that you can earn rebates on
(Do note that it is NOT limited to this list, we love to list down everything but there is not enough space to do so.)

The determination of an online transaction is based on system indicator. These indicators are decided by the merchant and their banker and get passed to the Bank
when the transaction is posted to the card. Typically, merchants will classify the transactions as online or non-online. However, we noticed that some purchases made
online were not classified as online transactions and we are looking into rectifying this. If you notice a discrepancy in the cash rebates, please contact our hotline at
1800 363 3333 for assistance.

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  • Receive further discounts when you shop at FRANK partners :

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Over 120 card designs to choose from
  • Card design fees are waived
  • Choose from 3 new FREE card designs
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The FRANK Credit Card doubles up as a transport card

The FRANK Credit Card comes registered with the NETS FlashPay Auto Top-Up feature. You can tap to activate and enjoy 6% rebates on:

  • Your rides on MRT and public buses, payment at ERP and EPS Cepas 2 carparks
  • Over 40,000 retail outlets (which include McDonald's, Starbucks, Cathay Cineplexes and Watsons) with NETS
    FlashPay readers/ terminals
  • Note: The FlashPay ATU feature will only work when you tap your card at MRT/LRT, public buses, ERP and EPS Cepas2 car parks. ATU feature doesn't work at retail outlets.

    The 6% rebate is awarded for a maximum of two Auto Top-Ups per month (Capped at S$6)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Faster payment with Visa payWave

The FRANK Credit Card comes with a Visa contactless payment feature that allows customers to make faster and easier transactions below S$100. Widely accepted in Starbucks, Subway, Watsons and many more.

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For the first time in Singapore, you can check you bank balances with just your fingerprint. No login required, check if your pay is in or if you can afford the extra indulgence – securely, with a single touch.

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Easily manage your credit card
spending through Online Banking


Know where your money is going with OCBC Money In$ights via OCBC Online and Mobile Banking.

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Keep track of your spending automatically

  • Our Money Flow feature automatically tracks how much you have spent
  • View your spending by month or by category (i.e. shopping, dining, travel, etc.)

Set budgets and get alerts through SMS or email

  • Set your monthly budget by category or lump sum
  • Receive alerts when you are close to exceeding your spending budget
  • Manage your upcoming bills easily with the calendar view

See how other people like you manage their money

  • Find out how much people like you are spending and saving
  • See where others like you put their money

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Money In$ights FAQs

FRANK alert!
Requirements & charges you should know before applying:
Requirement & Charges
Age and Income RequirementYou must be aged 21 and above with a minimum annual income of S$30,000 for Singaporeans & Singapore PRs; S$45,000 for foreigners.
Annual fee S$32.10 (2 years waived for Principal and Supplementary Cards)
A minimum of S$6,000 annual Visa spend is required for subsequent annual fee waiver.
Interest-free period 24 calendar days from statement date if there is no balance carried forward from the previous statement.
Interest on purchases 25.92% per annum if full payment is not made by payment due date. Minimum charge is S$2.50 per month and is calculated from the transaction date until the date that full payment is made.
Interest on cash advances 28.92% per annum on the amount withdrawn from the transaction date until the date that full payment is made.
Minimum monthly payment Accounts with Outstanding Amounts within the Credit Limit
S$50 or 3% of the Total Balance, whichever is higher, and any overdue amount.

Accounts with Outstanding Amounts exceeding the Credit Limit
3% of the Total Balance plus the amount in excess of the Credit Limit and any overdue amount.
Late payment charges S$60 if the minimum payment is not received by payment due date.
Cash advance fee S$15 or 6% of amount withdrawn, whichever is greater.
Fees for foreign currency transactions

Foreign currency transactions, other than USD transactions, will first be converted to USD before being converted to SGD based on the exchange rates determined by the respective card associations.

All foreign currency transactions are subject to a currency conversion charge imposed by the respective card associations and an administrative fee imposed by the Bank amounting to 1% and 1.8% of the foreign currency transaction amount respectively.

Payment hierarchy OCBC Credit Cards (except PLUS Visa Credit Card)
If full payment is not made by payment due date, payment is first applied to the balance that attracts the lowest interest rate.
Lost / stolen card liability $100 (For details, refer to clause 9 of ABS' Guide on "What You Should Know About Credit Cards"
FRANK Card Replacement Fee Card replacement fee is waived for up to 2 replacements within a 12-month period. A S$30 card replacement fee applies from the 3rd replacement onwards.
FRANK Card Design Fee For change of card design or lost/stolen cards, card design fee of S$10 – S$20 applies. For damaged or faulty card, card design fee is waived if there is no change in card design. Please click here for card design ID and fees.
NETS FlashPay automatic top-up fee S$50 (top-up value); S$0.25 per automatic top-up (waived till 31 December 2015)
There may be circumstances in which you have to pay other fees. Please refer to the OCBC Cardmember Agreement for full details.
Sign up for a FRANK Credit Card
Sign up for the FRANK Credit Card online and choose from over 120 free card designs.


  1. SMS <FRANK> space <YOUR NAME> space <NRIC> to 76062 to apply. E.g. FRANK ALICE TOH S1234567A
  2. If you are applying using a foreign mailing address, please download the form and mail it back to us.

View all card designs at the FRANK Card Gallery.

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From 1 October 2013, the magnetic stripe on all credit and debit cards will be deactivated for overseas transactions. You may wish to activate the magnetic stripe if you are travelling overseas via OCBC Online Banking or from 1 October 2013

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