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The only reason stopping you from climbing higher in your career is you. Don’t let finances stop you from self improvement. We've got local and overseas study loans ready to get you on your way.

Study Loan

Tuition Fee Loan:

I am studying at a local public university (NTU, NUS or NIE).

Focus on what’s important – Study. Tuition Fee Loan offers you a 0% interest loan while you are studying, and you can start paying back up to 2 years after graduation.


  • 0% interest and no repayment while studying
  • Fund up to 90% of your tuition fees1
  • Flexible repayment schemes with instalments as low as S$100
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Study Loan

Education Loan:

I am studying at a local private or overseas institution.

Unlock endless study opportunities with Education Loan. You have options to pursue your education for your future, whether you study at private or overseas institutions.


  • A low interest rate of 4.5% per year (EIR is 5.17% per year2)
  • Loan up to 10x your monthly income or S$150,000
  • Choose from 3 flexible repayment options
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Saying it as it is

Should i work first or study first?

Some things you need to think through: do you want a Master's Degree because of the prestige of it, or because everyone does it, or because of the opportunity of going overseas? Will a Master's Degree actually help you in getting future work opportunities?

Some fields do require you getting as high a degree as you can get, such as scientific research or lecturing. On the other hand some fields value experience more than on-paper degree. Which one is yours? Discern and prioritise. On top of that, do you know exactly what field you are interested in for your further studies? Work will help you find it.

saying it as it is

Things to note before taking a study loan

Change is the only constant. Know that the degree you have won’t be relevant forever. Information is regularly being discovered and updated, making your knowledge almost obsolete after some time. Being in a Knowledge Based Economy (KBE) such as Singapore’s makes upgrading even more crucial.

Check your pockets. Further studies require a significant financial investment to the tune of a 5-digit sum, more if you’re after an MBA. Working right after getting that bachelor’s degree on the other hand can give you a financial head start though. Do some bankbook balancing and see if you’re financially ready.

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Additional Details

1Based on a Singapore citizen university student's tuition fee.

2Effective Interest Rate (EIR) is assumed on a 2-year course with repayment period of 8 years and Standard Repayment Method. The EIR comprises of 4.5% per year interest rate which is calculated on a monthly rest basis and 2.5% of processing fee of the approved loan amount that is applicable upon disbursement of loan.