Which is the right card for me?

The joy of life is in the little things. Make sure you get the most out of your spending with the right card.

Prefer to carry less cash around? Love to shop online? Love to dine out with your best friends? We have a card tailored for your exact lifestyle.

Debit or Credit Card?

Key difference is, when you use a debit card, money is deducted from your account immediately when you use it. You are eligible for a debit card so long as you have a savings account.

For credit cards, money is deducted from your credit limit, and you pay back the amount once it’s due. It typically comes with more rewards and offers, but you would typically need to be working to qualify for a credit card.

An everyday debit use card designed to reflect you.

Choose from over 120 card designs for the one that reflects you. You can use it on public transport as well. No annual fee.
Get the FRANK Debit Card

Credit card for all your online shopping.

It gives you 6% cash rebate for online shopping, and 6% rebates on the NETS Flashpay Auto TopUp for bus/MRT rides.
Get the FRANK Credit Card
Debit vs Credit Card

Get up to S$60 cash rebates!

The FRANK Credit Card gives you 6% rebate for online shopping, up to 5% on entertainment and 3% rebates on the NETS Flashpay Auto TopUp for bus/MRT rides.